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I’m Writing About Writing!

Why writing about writing?

Well I’ve been meaning to post on a blog for some time now, but instead of getting on with it I’ve just pictured loads of things I’d write about rather than actually getting down to it! I do write 3 times a week, so it’s not that I’m completely out of my comfort zone its more I’m not sure what it is I want to write about! In this case, I feel I should just write about writing. I just want to mention I’m dyslexic and I’m defiantly only telling you this as I may read something that isn’t there and post as if it is! (Invisible ink syndrome)

So what do I write about 3 times a week?


Basically myself! How life’s going and where I am on the happiness scale. I have fair few floors, as no doubt we all do. However, I’m in need of change. That’s why I’ve started to keep account of what my day to day habits are. I have a daily to do list. The three main things on this list are,

  1. Read my daily pledge or Affirmations – ( Read to the end to view)
  2. Meditate – 10 minutes is ideal however im happy to get away with a quick 5 minutes as well.
  3. Exercise – It can be as small as 30 press ups and sit ups, weights or Running. It’s all about the endorphins! I tend to aim to do a minimum of 10k a week. I’m unable to always keep to this. Life is busy and I have been known to get off this path I’ve invented for myself. Check my progress this far….. 157km today but I’m am intending to do around 400km by years end.

Screenshot 2017-08-14 19.41.46

What’s the meaning of all this?

I suppose I started all this because I needed to get myself back to work, plus I needed to work out where things were continually going wrong. How much do I drink? What are my triggers? Am I even looking after myself? Is anxiety something that I can learn to control? Can I stop drinking? Basically, its been a journey so far and I’m still learning which is great. Here’s an idea of what I’ve been writing about to date.

Getting back to work after spending 3 ½ months off sick from depression/anxiety. At the same time getting off anti-depressants. To then be made redundant after returning to work.

I stopped drinking (54 days) very difficult, and I believed that I could do a year my views about drinking clearly changed when dairying here.

Got a new job and lasted 2 ½ days. Then went back on to anti-depressants then off them again, revisited the Daily To Do’s! I now will be starting a new job in September.

SO,.That’s that. Basically, I’m Writing about Writing because that’s what I’ve done since January and its helped me a hell of a lot. I’ll leave you with my daily pledge that I read aloud and believing.

Daily Pledges

Today I will stand tall with my head held high knowing I will give to the world as much as I can, I push myself to lead the way with passion and energy, I am prepared to learn as I change so will my world.

5 things to quit right now

  1. Trying to please everyone – There is no need to please everyone just consider
  2. Putting yourself down – Gravity pulls you down so you should big yourself up
  3. Living in the past – If you’re always looking back, then you will never be in the present which means you’re effecting your future.
  4. Fearing Change – To improve our lives change must happen. You’re not still crawling like a baby, are you?
  5. Overthinking – Is something we do when we worry. Why acknowledge worry? Why not change thoughts to positive ones?

Remember every morning with progression and a positive attitude you will succeed.

Belief is waiting for you every second of the day, just give it a chance and it will appear. – Barry2Baz 24/01/2017


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12/03/2017 Why so long?

How am I feeling?

I feel very strong yet at the same time wondering, where am I? I’m not lost, I’m trying to make sense what’s happening and why….. I’m being asked frequently “why are you not drinking?” My quick general reply has been “Well if I drunk today then there is a high possibility that I won’t go to work one day next week, or even the week after that.”  It will probably make me want to drink by myself in a few pubs in London. I may even go casino spend money I don’t have all just to be the man who no one knows, with no background or past. It’s its own drug in a way. I enjoy it when I do it. That’s even though I will feel terrible for so many reasons later that day or the next morning. I’m now picturing the pubs and the bars that I’ve got myself drunk in, remembering the freedom as if it was a positive experience when ultimately it leaves me feeling sad and alone! This has slowed me down so many times in life. I’ve done this countless amounts of times and well-hidden it very well. It has put me down the life ladder a lot. Therefore, I have to stop drinking for a year at least. I must master my madness, my sickness, my drinking. If I don’t drink for a year, I’d have had some control of the drink. And IF…I mean once its complete, I’m in control.

Length of time

Some might say 6 months is long enough. Some may even say 3 months is a good amount of time to show restraint, but I want to master this. I want to show its possible, to myself and by practicing daily I can changing my belief patterns. My mum said she is very proud of me today. We were at a pub garden in Hern Bay for the afternoon and she was impressed. Mainly because she probably hasn’t seen me not drinking booze when alcohol is on the menu. (clearly being a kid doesn’t count in that statement) So this was pretty massive too her! Its huge for me too, but I’m living this transformation and therefore I’m kinda getting used to it. It’s a powerful position in terms of life because I’m showing to other and me that I can do more than I ever thought possible.

I give it a year and that’s a different story. A lot would have changed in my life. I may still have some of the feelings but ultimately, I’ll be in a different head space. Talking to different people and hopefully I’ll have a different perception on my drinking.

I’ve booked into my first sporting event which sees me doing 10k over all sorts of obstacles. The events call Rough Runner. I wouldn’t be taking part of this had I not stopped drinking and exercised 6 days a week. I also plan to enter the Southend half marathon in July. 12 miles which I’ve never done before, but I do have an I can do attitude now. I feel cleverer and strong and I have the belief. I have a day to day life and I don’t always think when’s my next drink is like I use too. That shit really clouded my thoughts and happiness. I’m loving life right now and I can only continue that if I keep to my daily plans and pushing myself.

I’m grateful for the time in the pub today. I got to play football with my son, hiding seek with my daughter and teach them both how to throw a Frisbee. And that’s all because I’m making a change. I love what is happening, long may it continue.

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22/03/2017 Redundancy Day


Redundancy Day

I’m going to start by patting myself on the back and recognise how far I’ve come. Had I not taken the steps I’ve taken at the start of this year, I probably wouldn’t even be in the position I’m in now. That’s a happy one just to be clear. I would definitely still be binge drinking and being all down believing I was worthless. However, today I’m on the way to my redundancy meeting, with my head held high knowing this is just another stepping stone leading me to my future of progression. I won’t be turning to drink like to many times before and I won’t be arguing the decision. I’ve worked hard by pushing myself daily so I don’t let outside influence effect this positive journey I’m on. Granted there is every chance it could be a struggle to find the perfect job/next job, but what I must believe in is me! I should feel proud of what I’m achieving daily. There is no doubt the thoughts of drinking is subsiding and becoming less and less, and that’s even with the potentially embarrassing situation off being told I don’t have a job any more, and even then having to say goodbye to all the people that do still have jobs! However with me learning meditation and valuing being in the moment I know whilst I’m typing this into my phone in rush hour of the London underground to continue thinking positively and not to dwell. When it comes to saying good bye to my work mates I think they will think, he was a good guy with the right sprite and attitude and this company have let go a winner. Clearly I’ll continue this blog once I’ve been in my redundancy meeting. I’d of lived all these thoughts for real by then and it will no longer be speculation. But for now I’m calm and at peace looking ahead to see what I can do next.

a time 

So I’m on route home from Clapham Junction to Greenwich. It’s 03.07pm

Well that was different! I’ve had a whole host of different feelings today. When I arrived I was the tea boy happily offering my services to everyone. This kept me away from my desks and whilst I was cracking jokes, clearly over compensating the awkwardness I felt. Best joke was, when I told people I was looking for a personal trainer to learn how to do the splits. When I found one he asked “how flexible are you”? I said “I cant do Tuesday’s” hahaha

Anyway eventually I had the meeting where I was told that the decision on my team leader position still wasn’t clear, even though I had been given a week’s notice that company we’re considering making the Web Sales Team leaders position redundant! What I’d like to think is they were buying me some time to earn some extra money and have more chance to find a job. I had been with these guys for 2years and 9months I’ve had 2 kids whilst working there, so they know me and I know them. That being said I knew my days were numbered. It’s like a relationship, where the boy and girl decide that things aren’t really working and rather then just end things, they making it more complicated and say shall we go on a break! When really cutting ties is normally a better way to go allowing you to think straight…..we’ve all seen Friends and how that worked for Ross and Racheal!! WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!

aa We were on a break

So being mentally prepared and knowing this was going to be happening I stressed that I though I’d be leaving today. I’ve cleared my emails, spit shinned the desk and was waiting for you just confirm the inevitable. I think Javad the HR guy was surprised, he probably thought why is he wanting to get this done so quickly? He then mentioned he wanted to call me back to another meeting next week! Clearly that’s when he’d feel more comfortable with pulling the trigger. That wasn’t for me though, I pushed for a decision in the near future! “Ok come back at 5pm and I’ll see if I con get confirmation by then” he said. At that point I needed to make an intervention, I wasn’t really feeling doing another whole day knowing that they didn’t want me.  “unfortunately I have appointment with a recruitment agency and would need to leave by 1.30, as I said I’m ready to go” Pinocchio would be well gel! I can lie and my nose doesn’t grow an inch!! Negotiation….i do have a City and Guilds in this, and I’m a highly trained salesman, I know how to work a situation especially when I already know the outcome. They are still intending to make me jobless so holding off until 5pm or next week is pointless.

I then left his office re-joined  my work colleges and well, we all  had a great laught as if we knew it was going to be our last few hours. It did make me 2nd guess myself and wonder if another week with this lot would actually be that bad. I quickly snapped out of that and remembered my relstionship advice moving on is better with a quick break!

1.30pm came, I was called into the HR office to be told “it was as we excepected, unfortunately the Web Sales Team Leader position has been made redundant!” Finally, I’m able to make this clean break and push myself forward, I’m at my best physically and mentally there isn’t a better time for me to look for a new job! I was then told about the money side of things, which I must admit hadn’t really been playing on my mind much due to a few negative things that had been said to me. Like I’ll get jack shit! Well they were wrong, the figure I said I wanted to save by a years time only 2 weeks ago was offered to me with redundancy pay. The law of attraction is well and truly happening here…I was to be paid £4500 to be exact.

This will be my first proper pay for months, as I had been off sick since November suffering from stress and anxiety and I’d only returned in February. Some people though this is why they are letting me go, however I’d like to think I’m in this position because this is my path. It allowed my to be brave and return back to work when I never thought I could, it allowed me to see my value of all the work im doing for myself. And it showed me my changes have worked, I do enjoy work again with out all the over thinking! I also now get the chance of a fresh start and a new challenge. Its been 48 days since I last had a drink of booze , I meditate, exercise and make a daily pledge to myself, This happens 6 times a week. I’ve come along way and when it came to saying goodbye and breaking the news I was leaving, I did it better than I expected. I looked them in the eyes told them its been a pleasure and got the feeling that In many ways, I had impact them over the years too.


I want to finish by saying I’m grateful for where I am today, and all those hard times are blessings in disguise without them I wouldn’t have had the learning experiences I have today.

I’d love to hear your views on this blog as I would like to write more going forward.

Anyone struggling with anxiety depression and all round just feeling down in the dumps, believe me I never thought I could feel full of belief and happy, but by recording how you feel and tracking your progression you can do some amazing things.


Thanks for reading

Barry to Baz

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The Game

Self note date 25-08-2011

Life to me is a game. One of which I didn’t ask to take part in. Others take the game re-write the rules extend it to new heights. Can you be happy with out making a impact? After all you never asked to play. Make the most of it you say….of what, the game. A game has rules, good players bad players. If I’m in your game u tell me where I stand. After all I won’t care.

Today’s date 18-03-2015

Just to be clear I’m letting my old feelings and thoughts fly. I’m assuming this is the best way people can get into the bloggers head by knowing past feelings, emotions and outlooks. Are some of the post I plan to post scary and close to the edge? Yes, however I’m not at that point of my life now, I have a beautiful son and a daughter on the way, I learnt about my mind and yours and have managed to spin negative into positive which is great. This takes effort, like anything worth while in life. Persistence over resistance. I want to be able to help people that’s what I aim to achieve from blogging so let’s see where this can go. 

Actions speak louder than words.

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03-01-2013 note

I’ll be Frank at the start so it’s up to you, met an ex tonight and I’m now on tube, rethinking, reliving and at times enjoying the past, but if we get to point we know some shit don’t last…..hug, cuddle we say good bye, try not remember when tears run dry…life has change, our moments are forever gone, but the power to do better still rides strong….you may run but u can’t hide be happy with ur self cos the mirror won’t lie..what u see is what u get, your not rob patterson girls won’t become wet. To be honest that’s not what u should to achieve, believe in happiness and everyone can be free, it’s hard to hear but, if this becomes true the love in life, is here and it lives in you 

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note to self 03-04-11

Heads clear even after a massive weekend of drinking! Wormie and i did lunch today too. Thou I am writing cos I’m deeper than the ocean and have more thoughts than a person reading the bible. It’s nice to release and clear the mind, but as you can see that isn’t entity true as nothing  specific has been let into the world just yet! Job done thou….. Now back to the bucket list 

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You can change the future, you can’t mess with the past. Break something, an your end up in a cast. A memory was written and you can’t take that bk. So what you once said, is now become a fact. 


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Selling Yourself

I’m up and coming in the world of sales. I sell mobile phones and do a great job on getting the customer what they are looking for. I want to build my client base, is it a good idea to set a website independent to the company I work for,  but advitise me? It’s a chance to build my sales by advitise our online sales but to my new people I’ve spoken to and networked with!
Anyway ideas and comments are welcome.

Good talk
Brand Barry