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The Game

Self note date 25-08-2011

Life to me is a game. One of which I didn’t ask to take part in. Others take the game re-write the rules extend it to new heights. Can you be happy with out making a impact? After all you never asked to play. Make the most of it you say….of what, the game. A game has rules, good players bad players. If I’m in your game u tell me where I stand. After all I won’t care.

Today’s date 18-03-2015

Just to be clear I’m letting my old feelings and thoughts fly. I’m assuming this is the best way people can get into the bloggers head by knowing past feelings, emotions and outlooks. Are some of the post I plan to post scary and close to the edge? Yes, however I’m not at that point of my life now, I have a beautiful son and a daughter on the way, I learnt about my mind and yours and have managed to spin negative into positive which is great. This takes effort, like anything worth while in life. Persistence over resistance. I want to be able to help people that’s what I aim to achieve from blogging so let’s see where this can go. 

Actions speak louder than words.


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